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Sai Ashraya Youth Service

Bhagawan is the Doer of all Actions

Bhagawan who meets more and more devotees and inspires them on the path of Dharma and Seva, gave the people of the Bay area the impetus to grow their selfless service activities when he visited in June, 2017. The energy that Bhagawan gifted during the trip was exactly what the people needed. There is more joy as the devotees pursue “Ceiling on Desires” and putting it into practice and thereby doing selfless Seva.


Initially, the devotees gathered to feed the homeless once a month and soon it became every weekend. As the Ashram is coming up in full swing in the South Bay and the first homeless youth shelter, Sai Ashraya, is being actively pursued, people are meeting up more for volunteering their time and energy. Bhagawan is touching devotees and non-devotees alike, and there is a surge of new comers from every walk of life.

During one of the homeless feedings by the Sai Ashraya volunteers, there was a discussion about how Bhagawan is the doer of all actions and what a blessing to have the opportunity to serve the Lord in his current subtle form. While driving back, one of the non-devotee volunteers, who participated only because of the impact of the projects, questioned about how Bhagawan is the doer. As the Sai youth were wondering on how to answer that, the driver volunteer took a wrong turn and ended up in a street which was totally new. As they still had about 20 burritos to be distributed, they saw right across from them, the City of Berkeley administration building, which was open to the homeless for recreation. They provide basic services to homeless, such as showers, changing clothes, and such. The volunteers went inside the building to see why there were so many homeless standing outside this building.


Striking a conversation with the admin of the building, the Sai youth introduced themselves as volunteers from Sai Ashraya and how they provide help to get the homeless trained in getting jobs which will move them from street to stability. Several registrations happened on the fly and is now being actively pursued and hopefully, in the near future, Sai Ashraya will collaborate with the organisation.


As they were returning after successfully distributing the burritos, the new volunteer understood what the Sai youth mentioned about an hour earlier when they said Bhagawan is the real doer and everyone else is but an instrument. How else would a wrong turn result in the completion of Seva, and also make plans for future Seva ? As Bhagawan often says, only our desire to serve Him is enough.

Interesting times ahead as Bhagawan unfolds his plans. Beautiful times ahead as we are experiencing the exuberant love of Bhagawan, as we march with Bhagawan and He allows us to be used as His instruments, witnessing the miracles, leading to transformation. It is indeed the best times in devotees’ lives. As Bhagawan explains, we cannot serve anyone else but ourselves, this understanding causes expansion in our hearts, which is being witnessed often in all the devotees and volunteers who come to offer their time, energy and love with others. It’s all about Love. It’s only about Love.

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