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Swami’s Divine Mother and Child

Health Programme, Singapore

On September 2, 2017, with Swami’s grace, a monthly mobile medical camp was started (focused on pregnant young women and children from underprivileged sectors of society). This is part of an effort to bring Swami’s Divine Mother and Child Health programme (DMCHP) to Singapore. The programme is led by an overall global coordinating team from the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospitals. The purpose of DCHMP is to improve global child health, and pregnant women are also included to reach out to children before they are born. It is currently being conducted in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Fiji and Nigeria.

The first Medical Camp took place in a neighbourhood centre run by Sunlove Home in Chai Chee, Singapore. The onsite medical team consisted of eight doctors (four of whom specialise in paediatrics), two dentists and six psychologists conducting the screenings and consultations. Sixty non-medical volunteers were there to help with registration, ushering, and running a waiting area for the children (which included arts and craft and health education stations), goodie bags, documentation and such. A total of 40 women and 25 children were screened. The children went through developmental assessments by a team of paediatricians, as well as a dental check up by a team of dentists.

In addition to the medical, psychologist and dental stations, interactive stations were set up to educate the children on good health habits related to nutrition, sugar levels and dental care. The children also engaged in some arts and crafts to express their creativity in the form of paintings and artwork. Sai youth hope to continue including various aspects of health and well-being in camps for the children. Above all, Sai youth aim to create an environment of warmth and love for them - something many children in these sectors of community often lack.

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