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Medical Camp and Carnival

Youth have been organising medical camps on the first Saturday of every month to cater to the health needs of children from underprivileged backgrounds. The inaugural camp took place in September 2017 at Chai Chee (Singapore). The second medical camp took place at Marsiling (Singapore), and the most recent medical camp was held at Hougang (Singapore) in November 2017.


For the Marsiling camp, two main events were organised for the children and their families: a medical check-up and a health carnival. The health carnival consisted of educational games to teach children healthcare habits that focused on basic hygiene, exercise, and eye care. A food station was also set up for both the children and their families, so that no one went hungry during the camp. In addition, an arts and crafts station was set up to allow the children to paint, draw, and simply have fun.


The volunteers came from diverse backgrounds to serve the community by taking on different roles such as usher, doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, games administrator, teacher, food supplier, mascot, friend, and many more. Each volunteer not only did their duty perfectly, but also spread love, joy, and laughter to everyone at the camp. Every single volunteer worked together to make this medical camp and carnival possible, and allow every child an equal chance of gaining access to healthcare services.


It was evident that while the volunteers came ready to spread love and smiles among the children and their families, at the end of the day, it was the children’s cheerful chatter, exuberant disposition, and innocent looks that left a lasting impression and put smiles on the faces of every participant, parent, volunteer, and (even) passers-by at this medical camp. We are eagerly waiting for the next medical camp and carnival to enjoy the bliss of serving others again.

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