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Sri Sathya Sai Asia Pacific

Medical Outreach Programme

Nine youths from Singapore participated in the Sri Sathya Sai Asia Pacific Medical Outreach Program in Belaga from January 5 to 7, 2018.  This is a monthly outreach programme organised by the Divine Will Society in Kuching.  The youth were invited to participate in November last year but could not do so as there were no direct flights to the area.  Our dear Swami heard their prayers, and a month later, AirAsia launched the first international route from Singapore to Bintulu, allowing us to participate!

During the medical camp, the youth teams stayed in a village in Belaga and experienced their poor living conditions.  There is no clean water, little electricity and poor access to medical care.  The nearest tertiary hospital is seven hours away by car. Health is so poor that the average life expectancy of the villagers is only 50 years. Seeing this made the youth teams very grateful for all that they are blessed with in Singapore.

As doctors and dentists, the youth teams experienced a lot of joy in treating the villagers and educating them on good habits to improve their health.  They also distributed toys to the children, and their happiness gave the team great satisfaction.  Stress and burnout is prevalent amongst medical professionals due to the nature of the work.  Seva is the best solution for this, as it renews the spirit and fills the heart with love and positivity. This is what we all experienced during this camp.

The youth team is very grateful to all our brothers and sisters from the Divine Will Society in Kuching for giving the team this opportunity to serve and taking such loving care of the youth during the trip.  The team looks forward to many more medical camps in the future!

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