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Youth Volunteers' Day

Youth organised a volunteers' day in December, where the youth came together to share about the various projects they have been involved in, and planned for the year ahead. It was most inspiring listening to fellow youths sharing their personal experiences - why they choose to spend their lives in service of others, and how it is even more wonderful when they get to do it together.

As Swami aptly titled the theme of the 2018 World Youth Meet ‘Youth for Youth’, this was also a lovely opportunity to bring friends and family along to find out more about what they do, and start by loving and supporting each other in all the work that they do.

Sister Nanthini shared about the Overseas Medical Outreach programmes the youth are involved in, with their teams conducting medical and dental camps in rural villages in the region that have limited or no access to healthcare.

Brother Sanjay from Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, who spearheads medical initiatives run by the Sai Ananda Foundation in KL, shared his appreciation for the team of youth from Singapore who have been joining them on a regular basis. Sanjay has also volunteered in the health programme in Singapore, and it is wonderful that youths from both the countries are actively engaged in playing their part in solving the different problems both societies face.


Sister Krutika shared about their elderly initiatives. First, “Meals with Love” which is a meal delivery service extended by Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (SWAMI) Home to elderly residents in the Northern region of Singapore, most of whom live alone. The youth aim to deliver the meals with love to the residents, and provide care and companionship to any uncle and auntie in need. More recently, they have started organising outings for this group, targeting those who do not have family or are bedridden, as they almost never have the opportunity to leave their homes, unless it is for a medical appointment of some sort.

Brother Chubby shared about their Sociocare initiatives, currently targeted at the migrant worker community. They have volunteered with their Migrant Workers' Centre (MWC), and non-profit initiative in Singapore called “It's raining rain coats” that serves the migrant worker community, to make a small difference in the lives of their foreign friends who have done so much for their country - be it through a meal, goodie bags or simply more appreciation for them and spreading awareness of what they do.

Sister Nisha concluded the session with an inspiring message that everything the youth do is centred on love, beginning with love for each other and love for all in whatever they do!

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