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Marymount Super-Camp

The youth from Singapore had yet another opportunity to bask in the love of their dearest little sisters of Ahuva Good Shepherd - Marymount Children’s Home, during a values-based weekend camp that 1Youth conducted for them from June 7 to June 9, 2019.

Most camps talk about preparing children for the future or future leadership positions. The youth believe kids and teens are leaders now! They don’t need to wait for the future to start shaping the world!

Ahuva Good Shepherd – Children’s Home was set up in 2006 to provide a safe and nurturing residential environment for young girls, aged four to 16. They have experienced challenges in their families, such as financial difficulties, divorce, domestic violence, various forms of abuse and parents’ incarcerations.


The Hebrew word, “Ahuva” means “dearly loved”. In Ahuva Good Shepherd – Children’s Home, the youth welcome each girl with respect and dignity, and care for her in a warm family-like environment with unconditional love and compassion.

The approach for the Marymount Super-Camp is to help children be the best six-year-olds they can be, or the best 16-year-olds.  Throughout the three days and two nights, the youth created teachable moments for every child to be a better friend, team player, student, daughter, sister and member of society.  The camp activities were planned to guide the girls to boost their confidence, identify sparks, develop a growth mindset and unlock their potential so they can thrive where they are now.

The girls loved the camp! They shared that they learnt the value of working together as a team despite their differences. All are looking forward to their next camp together. Yet another opportunity for the youth to bask in the love of their little sisters of Marymount Children’s Home, during a values-based Super-Camp!

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