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Report from Singapore

Even during these trying times of pandemic, the youth were blessed with opportunities to reach out to their family in service.


Value Based Online Classes


Girls from the Marymount Children’s Home come with a background of abuse. Since March 2019, the youth have been connecting with the girls in the home on a weekly basis to chat about values. These interactions have truly been eye-opening for the youth. They have learnt so much from the girls and have only received LOVE in abundance from these angels!


Due to the restrictions of COVID-19, the youth have explored continuing classes with the girls through ZOOM. There are three separate classes that happen weekly. During these classes, topics such as positivity, gratitude and determination about thoughts, emotions and feelings; self-love and self-respect, to name a few, are covered. The youth have also provided tutors from the 1YOUTH community to assist with the girls’ academic excellence. To protect the privacy of these girls, photos cannot be shared.


From this weekend onwards, the youth are expanding their reach to conduct value-based sessions for children under the care of Pertapis Community. They are looking forward to sharing their experiences.


Feed Singapore


Just as they were all looking out for opportunities to ensure that no one goes to bed hungry, a few communities reached out to the youth to feed residents who were in need. They managed to fund meals daily for various residents. While the COVID-19 restrictions meant that they were not allowed to personally deliver these meals to most, a few of them had the opportunity to personally deliver hot dinners every Sunday to some needy residents.




Swami blessed the youth in Singapore with an opportunity to enact another drama about the ascension of man to become GOD. Swami guided them through the content of the drama and they have excitedly embarked on this journey. They remember what Swami told them at the end of their previous drama performance when they asked Him if He was happy with the drama. It was clear that their TRANSFORMATION was most important than just mere performance. As a group, the youth have committed themselves to this journey of transformation. They meet every Wednesday virtually, go through the content of each episode of Master the Mind series and share, motivate and encourage each other as they journey together. The weekends are dedicated to rehearsing for the drama and they are all extremely grateful to SWAMI to grant them this opportunity to fill their days working towards BEING DIVINE!  

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