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January 2021 Updates

Value Based Classes


Value based classes at the Marymount Children’s has now returned back to face-to-face sessions. All the girls at the home were so happy to finally interact and play with us in person. Even we could feel the difference and truly treasure the ability to finally interact with these girls in person rather than via zoom. We are blessed with so much love from them, through hugs that are filled with immense love. The girls are so eager to share their experiences and challenges they face in life and in school. The caregivers of the home, on many occasions have told us that the children look forward to the sessions that we have with them.


There are 2 different classes every Thursday and we cover similar topics at both these classes. For the month of January, we covered topics such as positivity, giving back to society, grit, courage and determination. Motivational videos on various topics are played, followed by discussions, activities and games.

Feed Singapore


Multiple opportunities to feed needy Singaporeans have been taken up by our youths.  Delivery of meals physically have been allowed for some of these programs. We have partnered a few food distributers and have contributed and volunteering our service to distribute the food where possible. One such program with Mummy Yummy provides monthly vegetarian noodles to around 180 needy residents. Another program has expanded their services to provide daily meals for the more needy families, while others continue to receive hot meals 2-3 times per week.


Sis Roslina was pivotal in setting up the feed Singapore program following Swami’s 94th Birthday instruction of not allowing anyone to go to bed hungry. Her story was featured in a national newsletter “Young Community Heroes” where her story continues to inspire many other Singaporeans.


Weekly Youth Satsang


The youths have journeyed through weekly Satsang and have completed 30 episodes of  master the mind together. During these sessions, youths took turn to listen to each episode and presented a summary of the episode followed by reflections shared by everyone. Moving forward we plan to revisit these episodes again and to go deeper into the practical exercises and some of the challenges we face. We strongly believe that none of our youths should be left behind and all of us can in some way or the other inspire each other through this journey of mastering our minds. 

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