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Inspire FM Podcast from Singapore

During Swami's 91st birthday celebrations Sai youth got word that Swami wanted the group in Singapore to be part of the Sanatani Radio Initiative. As such, a group of volunteers came together to brainstorm on what could be done for the radio show. After a few meetings, a rough structure of the podcast was formulated. The show's proposed format was forwarded to Swami and He blessed it with the name “Inspire FM”. The team had almost no experience in creating a podcast, but their sheer determination to make the dear Lord happy, pushed them out of their comfort zones to piece together the show. On the auspicious day of Guru Poornima this year, Swami launched the first

episode of the podcast in Prema Amarutham.

What is Inspire FM?

“Inspire FM” is a Podcast dedicated to inspire change within all. It is broadcasted from Singapore and it aims to share inspiring life stories and experiences as well as empowering messages. In each episode, they will spoke with people from all walks of life to address pertinent issues faced by the youth of today. The podcast also includes exciting segments including a travel log, a book club showcase as well as original music.

Here is a list of featured programmes

1) Uplifting News
Highlights soul stirring stories to lift everyone’s spirits

2) Travel Log
Travel is for the body and soul. In this segment, one is reminded of the benefits of travel and exploration


3) Interviews
When the going gets tough - hear from inspiring people from all walks of life as they share some of life's most valuable lessons.


4) Health and Nutrition Segments
It is never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Get health tips to stay mentally and physically fit.


5) Book Club
Not sure which book to pick up next? Book Club will sift through the pack and single out the best reads.


6) In this Month….
Every day is special. This segment features key events in history


7) Inspirational Quotes
The perfect pick up to get everyone through the day


8) Original tunes
Calm and creative music to help everyone enjoy a peaceful day

Tune in to the Podcast at: 

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