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Singapore Seva Summary

January – March, 2019

The youth from Singapore have conducted various Seva activities starting from January until March of this year.

Youth from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, India and Thailand gathered together, packed their bags and headed for a three day service trip to Baan Unrak Children’s Home. Baan Unrak Foundation was established by Donata Dolci (Didi). Born and raised in Italy, she was commanded by her Guru to serve the rural areas by the borders of Thailand and Burma. In 1990, an abandoned wife came to her for help with her undernourished child. Since then she has raised more than 130 children, providing them with education, medical care, food and shelter. Her inspiring story encouraged the youth to come together and work with Didi for Baan Unrak. The youth were divided into groups. The first group was in charge of painting the grills and rooms for the children. Another group improved the gardens of Baan Unrak. Other youth helped the community living in Sangklaburi. They installed solar panels and brightened up the lives of these people. Families were visited with goody bags filled with food and important household items. Two certified doctors who were a part of the team, went to homes and conducted general examinations and eye sight examinations. On the last day, Didi had organized a public Christmas party. A volunteer from Malaysia dressed up as Santa and gave the children their very own Christmas gifts. As much as the children were grateful for the help from the youth; the youth were extremely thankful to have been in the presence of the children and their warmth!

The youth organised a volunteers’ day where the youth came and shared about various projects that they have been involved with and planned for the year ahead. It was inspiring to hear fellow youth share their personal experiences on why they choose to spend their lives in service of others, and how it is even more wonderful when they do it together!

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