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Southern California Service

Santa Ana Homeless Service

This month the youth of Southern California served approximately one hundred homeless friends with breakfast burritos and water.  The summer has been very hot and water is generally never enough. 


Each person’s face lit up when they received the breakfast. It brought a feeling of happiness for the volunteers when they saw that they had touched someone’s life. The experience is very uplifting and rewarding.

It was very inspiring to have new volunteers join in.  Co-workers of a volunteer who attends regularly joined in and they even made food!  They did not know Bhagawan, however the compassion and willingness to help was always there.  They got to know of the Seva activities through the volunteer. They were happy to participate and were very emotional when they saw happiness in the recipient’s face.


The situation in Santa Ana is getting worse, more and more people are being moved from one place to another. We pray that the state gives them a more permanent shelter where they can be housed and fed on a regular basis.

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