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Southern California

This month, the group distributed approximately one hundred and sixty sandwiches and snacks.  The situation at the Civic Center in Santa Ana seems to change month by month, it seems this was the case again.  The homeless were again shifted from their usual place to a little further away which the group were not aware off.  However, when speaking to a young man, he told us that they were moved due to rains flooding the area in which they resided.  This wasn’t such bad news, since the city were helping the area to be cleared up for them.

The group gathered on a weekday at lunchtime, the young adult’s co-workers also wished to participate which was great to see!  The group walked amongst the homeless with much enthusiasm and eagerness.  One homeless gentleman asked what was being distributed, the member of the group responded and what the homeless gentlemen said next was a lesson for us.  He looked at the sandwich, gave a big smile and said, ‘I appreciate you are taking the time to do this with a kind heart, and may God bless you, however this sandwich looks dry and need something to wash it down with!’  Unfortunately, that day the group was not distributing water!

Upon reflection on this, the group understood that water is a vital necessity and must be provided in each distribution. Another lesson learned was that the group needs to make the food more interesting and not to take easy options!  Nevertheless, the homeless appreciate whatever is given and continuously express their appreciation with laughter and smiles.

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