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Love All, Serve All, Be Seva

The Youth Group came up with this idea last month: BE SEVA; they repeated it almost like a mantra. The intention of this work was to incorporate Seva in daily life. That is not only "an activity that we do on a particular day", but that turns into a way of being, that turns into something natural in every one. That they will always be able to create a better world wherever they are; each one in the measure of one’s possibilities and skills. Because of it, continuing in line with December; this month, some participants of the Youth Group offered their skills for free. For example, offering Aikido classes for children and adults on Tuesdays and Saturdays. This gave an opportunity to incorporate and share many human values along with physical exercise.

Also, they had a day of Seva for cleanliness in nature. It was a sunny day to walk in a precious environment. The group walked silently while they gathered the garbage. A playful Seva that filled them with happiness and enthusiasm. After the Seva, food was served and a meeting to prepare for  Swami’s next visit to Spain was held.

Finally, during the third weekend of the month, a part of the Youth Group traveled to Rome, to celebrate the first of the four European Youth Meetings that will be held throughout the year. In this meeting, as part of Seva, they distributed food, besides exchanging ideas, problems and solutions. It was a nice way of getting to know others, of sharing, and little by little, of creating beautiful human links!

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