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Youth Seva in Spain

July 2017

The group of young Sai volunteers met again for their Seva activity on July 5, 2017 in the community of Prades. The novelty this time was the collaboration with another association that also deals with social tasks and offers help to people in need. When word got out that the young Sai volunteers carried out cleaning tasks, they offered to work together with them.

Everybody started working together at nine o’clock in the morning, with their fluorescent vests on, their gloves and the garbage bags. They worked for many hours, cleaning the sides of the road. Eight young volunteers, plus four adults of different nationalities, got together to carry out this beautiful task.

It was a very hot day, so it was a great achievement for the youngsters to spend five hours walking and collecting all the garbage that they could find, and doing so in a good mood.

Like on previous occasions, while they were doing Seva, people who drove by or walked by showed them clear signs of thankfulness and support.

Since July 5, 2017 coincided with the day the final high school marks were delivered, at the end of their Seva, rather than having a snack together, everybody left quickly to get their marks.

At the end of the activity, one young volunteer picked up all the garbage bags which had been left in strategic places and took them to the Recycling Centre.

It was a blessing and a wonderful feeling for the Sai youth to be able to share those moments with new people, and very possibly both groups will collaborate again in the future.

The group of young Sai volunteers became aware that it is not always necessary to work alone to create new projects, but that one can also sometimes help other associations that are already working on social projects, offering their help and service.

It does not matter if the Seva group is small, or if they do not know where to start offering their service. It is only necessary to look around to be able to find other groups with similar aims and thus collaborate by uniting forces. This is why the youngsters felt particularly happy on that day; because they realised that they were also a group of people who ‘HELP OTHERS WHO ALSO HELP’.

Sai youth want to add that, strangely enough, a few days ago, some of the participants of the Sai group witnessed another group of young people also cleaning the sides of the road!

Swami’s magic has no limits, and whenever one acts with love, it is contagious.

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