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A Weekly Exchange of Love

“The gift of food to the hungry, is the noblest of all gifts.”  said Sri Sathya Sai Baba .

Proper nutrition and timely intake of food is incredibly important for the sustenance of one’s life, yet not all are privileged enough to receive meals due to unfortunate circumstances. Hence many have to go days without having any proper food which severely affects the health – both that of the mind and the body.

Seva Food 01.jpg

Thus, keeping the sacred words of the ever-compassionate Lord in mind, the youth busied themselves during each weekend of the month to prepare flavourful combinations of traditional curries and dishes for the underprivileged and homeless. Steaming hot rice was generously parceled with golden yellow dhal (lentil soup), a creamy soya broth partnered with a milky stew of carrots and potatoes, green malum - a healthy salad made up of various seasoned green leaves,  spicy devilled potatoes tossed in onions and aromatic stir fried cabbage alongside a fresh cucumber salad and crispy papadam.

A smaller parcel was also distributed containing hot, home-made wada (savoury fritters) filled with a spicy and mouthwatering red coconut chutney, a well-known delight in South Asia. As the streets of Sri Lanka become blazing hot at noon, the team also packed multiple cereal bars for nutrition, refreshing yoghurt and bottles of water which helps the destitute tackle the heat. The gratitude that overflowed as they stretched eagerly to receive the parcels, presented itself in heartfelt utterings of blessings and never wavering broad smiles lighting up their entire faces! Moved by the gratitude and love that was conveyed during each encounter, the youth were re-energized with a firm conviction to work harder to aid and support more and more of their fellow brothers and sisters!

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