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Serving Those Who Serve

“The real value of service, its most visible result is that it reforms you and reshapes you.”

April was bustling with work for the youth even when the entire country was at a standstill. Amidst the situation, the Government workers continued to show up for work every two days giving the youth an opportunity to continue serving them as usual. As times are more difficult these past few weeks, the youth have been putting special effort to not only give refreshments but also provide a full meal when possible. Refreshments consisted of a cup of tea or coffee to give a boost to weary bones, alongside biscuits, sandwiches and ice cream. They were also served throughout the month with yellow rice or fried rice with devilled brinjals, dhal curry and soya prepared in milk stew along with other items. Not only stomachs were filled through these acts of love, but hearts as well. It was a reminder for the youth to be grateful; for how fortunate one is that one has a roof over one’s head and food on one’s plate even during these trying times!


Donations from the Heart

With the world at a complete halt and businesses closed up, many have gone without a steady income for over a month which has resulted in difficulties in buying groceries and house-hold items, and often times it is impossible to have three full meals. While the Government has taken action to provide services to help those who need it, it is still lacking in its reach. The youth have been able to sponsor rations for a family with two young children who are struggling during this time. Donations were also made to churches that were distributing rations.


The youth were also able to have essential items delivered to Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith’s Archbishop’s residence to be distributed to the poor as well as sponsor goods for the monks at the Sacred Aranya Bodhinagala Ingiriya.

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