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Seva in Sri Lanka

 Disposal Truck

“Serving anyone is serving Me, for I am in all.

The relief and joy that you give to the sick and the sad reach Me, for I am in their hearts.”


With His Divine words in mind, the youth continued to serve the workers from the disposal truck who tirelessly carried out their duties, despite setbacks due to the prevailing situation. The exhausted workers always accept the offerings with a brilliant smile and with words of genuine gratitude that deeply touch the youth.

With love overflowing in their heart, the youth offered various beverages such as cups brimming with tea and coffee alongside sandwiches, biscuits, cake and on some days, parcels containing steaming hot rice, golden dhal or pumpkin curry, devilled soya, cucumber salad and more. The exchange, although brief, never failed to bring forth a subtle sweetness to the rest of the day!

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