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Sri Lanka Youth Activities

Donation of Lenses


Donating lenses to underprivileged brothers and sisters with fading eyesight was a Seva activity that the youth of Colombo undertook around two months ago and it has been a massive success. During August youth were able to donate six pairs of lenses, during September five pairs and they are ready for the next seven pairs. The youth are eagerly awaiting the list of patients and their specific requirements to be forwarded to them by the doctor in charge.


















Breakfast Seva


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As beloved Bhagawan explained, it is when anyone ‘breaks the fast’ which they have maintained throughout the night and thus should never be skipped. Therefore, the breakfast Seva programme that began under Swami’s guidance in the Dharmapuram School in Batticaloa was restarted after a month’s break due to the school holidays. Many students who generally forgo breakfast due to no other reason than poverty, eagerly look forward to the milk and banana which is served daily as per Swami’s instructions.





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