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Sri Lanka Youth Activities

Loving Gifts to the Students of Dharmapuram​



On the October 14, 2017 the youth of Colombo visited the Dharmapuram School in Kirankulam, Batticaloa carrying with them gifts for students, parent’s and teachers on the occasion of New Year.


They presented students with exercise books, instrument boxes, colour pencils, pens, chalk boxes, several other stationery items, uniform materials, a goodie bag filled with treats and ice cream. It was wonderful to see the students enjoying these simple, yet heartfelt gifts with enormous smiles on their faces.


The youth gifted the mothers and teachers with sarees and also gave them essential household items such as bed sheets and pillow cases.


It can undoubtedly be said that the youth felt Swami’s presence that day as they watched the delighted faces of the students and their parents.

Continuation of Lense Donation
Rectifying the fading eyesight of our underprivileged brothers and sisters through the donation of lense is an ongoing Seva activity undertaken by the youth of Colombo. For the month of November seven pairs of lenses will be donated. It is ready and awaiting the doctor’s confirmation.

Feeding the Little Souls with Love


Another one of their ongoing projects is the nutritious food providing programme at The Harvard School in Pettah, Colombo. This time the number of students increased from around fifty to seventy-two. It gives immense pleasure to see these innocent little souls heartily chowing down on their meals monthly and hope to continue for as long as the Lord wills.

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