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Breakfast Seva Continues

With the start of the New Year and the new school term, the breakfast Seva for the innocent little souls in the Dharmapuram School in Kirrankulam, Batticaloa was restarted. As many of these children come to school on an empty stomach, the milk and banana that is provided to them on a daily basis on all school days, as per Bhagawan’s divine command, gives them renewed energy and even acts as an incentive for them to attend school regularly.

The volunteers find it truly fulfilling to see their joyful little smiles each morning and thank Bhagawan for providing them such incredible opportunities for Seva.

Continuing to Feed Young Souls with Love

During the month of January, as per the norm, on the first Thursday a delicious and nutritious lunch was provided for the children in the Harvard school, in Pettah by the youth of Colombo.


Most of these children come from families where the parents earn daily wages by doing various odd jobs and thus there are many days when they may have to forgo a meal or two. Therefore this meal provided to them, every first Thursday is something they all look forward to, and seeing them happily fill up their stomachs certainly fills up the hearts of the youth with love and bliss.

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