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Sharing Love with Expectant Mothers

On May 14, 2018, the youth of Colombo joined hands for yet another beautiful project in line with Bhagawan’s wish for mother-and-child centered services, by serving a nutritious lunch packet and a separate parcel consisting of a milk packet, yogurt, an apple, a bottle of water and a set of children’s nappies to about 75 pregnant mothers.

It was truly gratifying to see the would-be mothers who were seated in the small clinic awaiting their turn for a checkup, joyfully receiving the packs and partaking the water and milk instantly, as it was a hot day. Their beautiful smiles and words of gratitude filled the hearts of the volunteers with that incredible joy that can only be experienced when we become God’s instruments of service to the society! 

They thanked the Lord for this wonderful opportunity and prayed that His blessings be with all these mothers and their children and that the youth may be blessed with many more opportunities to do Seva in the future.

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