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Love from Hand to Stomach

Pettah Feb - Seva 01.jpg

As the month of February rushed by, the youth were busy in their kitchens each weekend, as they dedicated the whole morning to cook flavoursome food combinations for the needy and the homeless. Staying true to their rich culture, they whipped up mouthwatering combinations of dishes such as dhal, devilled potato, hot broth of soya, fresh cucumber salads, lush green malum (kale with spices and coconut) and crispy papadam to go alongside steaming golden yellow rice.  As the clock struck 12, the youth then set out to distribute the food and water to the helpless on the sunny roads. The smiles of joy and the words of gratitude that burst forth when they saw the parcels filled the hearts of all present with immense divine bliss!


Service to Little Gods

The youth team arrived at the steps of a busy little school in Pettah, Colombo which was bustling with the energy of over 70 children. They were greeted with excited cheers and shouting as well as energetic tackles, as the children fondly recognised them and were all too eager to partake in the delicious home-made food.

As several youth fondly interacted with the children, the others set to work, arranging all the dishes and serving it evenly onto plates for the excited tots. Seeing the hot dishes being brought forth, the children rushed to form lines and waited impatiently to receive the meals. What delighted them even more were the goodies the youth had brought, sweets of all kinds to satisfy their sweet tooth. During the time the Seva took place, the little building was filled with nothing but giggles, laughter and love!

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