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 Nourishment with Compassion

As the youth arrived at the steps of the ever-busy Harvard School in Pettah for their monthly visit, they were met with warm hugs and enthusiastic greetings as the children now recognized them! Hearts warmed immediately as several youth sat among the students and listened to the animated tales of their daily mischief. The joy was overflowing as the children posed for pictures, smiles were ever present and it seemed not a moment passed without the sound of heartfelt laughter!

As the dishes were laid out and the aroma wafted through the air, the children rushed to form lines to receive their lunch, jumping up and down in excitement. Their plates were filled with delicious yellow rice, soya tossed in spices and thinly sliced onions, a milky potato stew with various herbs, a freshly prepared cucumber salad and colourful flower shaped papadam – a childhood delight for many Sri Lankans. Each plate that was lovingly handed out was received by the children with a big smile and a loud ‘thank you’ as they hugged the youth before quickly heading back to their table. The children enjoyed the meal so much that they rushed back for seconds, much to the delight of their parents.

Harvard School 01.jpg

The youth walked around, interacting and playing with the children who proudly showed their empty plates – a ticket for double dessert! Cool and refreshing cups of ice cream were then distributed and were happily received by everyone; a blessing to help endure the heat! As the team packed up to leave, they were engulfed in a sea of handshakes and hugs by the students who had grown very fond of them. The parents’ words of gratitude and affection touched the hearts of the youth deeply and they left with a promise to be back soon – to spread and be immersed in love again!

Harvard School 02.jpg
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