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Serving Those Who Serve

 Kashyapa Orphanage

Approximately 15 kms from the city of Colombo, the Kashyapa Children’s Orphanage is home to 35 boys between ages 6-12 and five dedicated workers. It is built near the Tapowane temple along with a vocational training centre, beautifully sheltered by towering trees which provide a serene environment for the children to grow and flourish in.  The youth donated rations such as rice, dhal, onions, beans, coconuts, curry powder and spices, soya and more, which will see them through the coming four weeks. It was lovingly received by the warden with much heartfelt gratitude.

Mythri Children’s Home


The youth were blessed with another opportunity to buy rations, this time in Borella, for a children’s home housing 24 girls aged 6-19 who are looked after by four workers. Due to the current state of the country, the number of donations and sponsorships for meals dwindled throughout the weeks leaving them in great need of help. They were given rations such as rice, dhal, onions, potatoes, sugar, milk powder, spices, biscuits, vegetables and more, which will be enough for four weeks. It was received with much gratitude.


Borella Elders’ Home

The youth also took this opportunity to check in on an elders’ home housing 20 men aged above 65, located in Borella. They were able to sponsor a bulk of rations that will be sufficient for a month along with vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, leeks, onions, potatoes and so on. An afternoon tea was also sponsored for the elders along with vanilla cakes, biscuits and home-made sandwiches.

As demand is very high and food items are limited due to curfew, it seemed like a very difficult task to buy the needed rations. With Swami’s grace, the youth were able to carry out all work with the help of the manager and his team that work at one of Sri Lanka’s major supermarkets. It truly shows that if anyone puts their utmost effort into an act of kindness, God will see it through.

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