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Spreading the Seeds of Knowledge

Around the Isle

On July 10, 2018, the youth of Colombo were fortunate enough to participate in a project organized by two of the leading boys’ schools in Colombo, Sri Lanka; wherein children studying in underprivileged schools in the area of Ambepussa were gifted with knowledge and enjoyment in the form of books and stationery items.

The youth were able to donate over 120 books contributing to a total collection of over 2000 books of various genres which will be distributed to several schools in the above-mentioned area. Since “reading maketh a man” the ability to contribute, even in a minute way, to the education of future generations provides a sense of immense satisfaction and bliss.

Book Seva 2.jpg
Book Seva.jpg

Restoring the Breath of Mother Earth

The youth of Colombo joined hands with an incredible project called ‘Haritha Vandana’; ‘Haritha’ meaning green and ‘Vandana’ meaning worship. This was started by a group of very enthusiastic young Sri Lankans with the main purpose of making a greener Sri Lanka. Their objective is to plant almost 3000 plants along the Colombo-Kandy road in the area of Kadawatha to Nittambuwa, as the existing greenery has significantly reduced during the construction of the road.

This wonderful undertaking will not only restore the beauty of the area but will also bring back the birds and other animals, provide a source of food to the bats and assist in maintaining a cooler atmosphere.

The youth donated about 25 Kumbuk plants, which in addition to the above, will benefit in creating water catchment areas. Once planted, the saplings will then be maintained by various assigned societies in that particular area and routine check-ups will ensure their sustainability.

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