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The Gift of Giving

As Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba once said, “Service to mankind, is service to God.”


Following His teachings, a group of youth from Colombo set out early for Batticaloa, a region on the East side of Sri Lanka, which is a seven to eight-hour drive; to take part in another noble project. The next morning, the youth gathered at the Medical Clinic which provides free medical care to the destitute and needy in that remote area. It was constructed on Swami’s instructions and was inaugurated by the Lord Himself. The staff had already gathered, for it was a clinic day and they eagerly waited alongside the youth to welcome the guests who were the students from the Dharmapuram School.

The Dharmapuram School currently teaches 48 students, from grades 1-5. The children come from underprivileged families with most parents in dire need of a permanent job. Swami has previously blessed the Sai youth to work with the school on breakfast Seva and to gift the children stationary and school necessities on various occasions throughout the last couple of years.


The children excitedly walked into the clinic, not forgetting to greet anyone they passed by, as they sat down for a beautiful Bhajan. Shortly after the Bhajan ended, the children marched into the dining hall for serving of food organized by the SSSKNF. The room was filled with chatter, giggles and laughter as they dug into the delicious food. The youth then set to work, bringing forth the boxes filled with gifts.

The first couple of boxes contained back packs and stationary sent from the youth in Australia. Some children studying in Australia selflessly donated their pocket money over the course of six months to buy all the needed material and sent it to Sri Lanka. The little children of Dharmapuram School were overjoyed to receive such heartfelt gifts, and when told of the selfless acts behind it, they chorused their gratitude that filled up the hearts of everyone present with much love.


Next came the boxes containing the goody bags that consisted of cookies, chocolate bars, toffees and a packet of milo. It was greeted with equal excitement and as soon as they saw the contents, their face lit up in beautiful smiles and once again the room was filled with rich and bubbly laughter.

In that instance, Swami showed the youth how even small things; a simple meal, a selfless gift and sparing some time out of their day to sit and talk with children can go a long way.  He, through the children, gifted the youth an opportunity to serve and a chance to learn and grow to become better instruments in His incredible mission, for which the youth are ever grateful!

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