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The Gift of Love for a Brighter Future

The rising cost of education threatens the children of today. Coupled with an unstable economy and an ever-increasing cost of living, the financial strain imposed on families with school children is immense. The Outreach Program of Sri Lanka which supports the education of underprivileged children came across a very talented young girl who desperately needed essential resources including school uniform, shoes, stationery and the ability to pay for tuition classes - to name a few - all of which are required to further her in academic excellence.


The head of this program reached out to the Sai youth for assistance. The youth felt extremely happy for this opportunity that Swami had given to them and without any hesitation joined hands to help pay for the first step of their project. Having provided the family with short-term solutions through the supply of rations, medicine, stationery and tuition fees; they have already begun planning the next step which will soon take effect in the coming months and the youth have pledged their continuous support to make this project successful.

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