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Offerings Of Love

Bestowed with blessings and gratitude after the yearly visit of our Divine Lord, the youth team of Sri Lanka was eager to serve the less fortunate. The youth took to the streets of Colombo to serve hot meals to the homeless and the hungry. With hearts full of love, each weekend several of the youth got together and worked from early morning till noon to whip up scrumptious homemade meals. These meals are true to the culture and authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, though the menu varies, the team would serve mouthwatering combinations of yellow rice, daal (lentil soup), devilled potatoes together with soya and mushrooms amongst other dishes. These steaming dishes were then generously parceled into packets with much feeling and a silent prayer of acceptance to our beloved Lord. The team then set out to distribute these parcels of love for their hungry brothers and sisters, whose hearts soared as they received this offering, and their faces beamed with pure happiness!

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