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From Love, to Love

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Hospitals and their relation to faith is often tangent. The effort of doctors and the staff together with the grace of the Divine is what ensures the correct and timely treatment of the sick and the ailing, be it from a tiny few weeks old child to an elder nearing 90. The Cancer Hospital in Maharagama stands as a testimony to this, as parents, relatives and friends collectively pray to the Divine to be the hands that treat and the touch that heals.

Unfortunately, many families of the patients are burdened with the cost of the treatments, as the figures steadily climb up each month. With the blessings and guidance of the ever-compassionate Lord, after a detailed discussion with the Head of the Ward and subsequent visits to the hospital, the youth were able to help reduce the burdens of three of the patients and their families: a little boy of four years who is undergoing treatment for brain cancer, a middle-aged mother of three suffering from cervical cancer and an elderly man diagnosed with lung cancer.

The team, with the will of the Divine, were able to also collect and donate a modest amount of money which could be used to further help in the treatment and care of the patients; along with donating packages containing items for daily needs of the patients and their families currently residing in the ward.

The youth, inspired by their interactions with the patients, learnt that though cancer may have affected their bodies, it could not triumph over their indomitable spirit to fight for a life worth living. Armed by this knowledge of the eternal and unchanging truth about human nature, the youth continue to work and seek to serve the society, hand in hand!

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