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Serving Those Who Serve

As August seeped into September, with Baba’s Grace and Blessings, the distribution of an assortment of refreshments to the government workers continued.

As usual, every other day or so, the disposal truck workers came to work eagerly looking forward to receiving what the youth had prepared. Since the weather had settled into a permanent state of coolness, they were served with cups of steaming hot tea or coffee after a long day of hard work, along with snacks ranging from different types of biscuits and murukku (a traditional savory treat) to sandwiches filled with various kinds of spreads to fresh fruits such as bananas and mandarin oranges. They made themselves comfortable, spent time unwinding and conversing and returned the tray wiped clean, with a sincere smile!

Warmed by the sight, the hearts of the youth overflowed with gratitude for being given the chance by them, to serve.


A Monthly Dose of Love

The youth prepared for a lunch-packet distribution at the end of the month. The home-cooked meal comprised of rice along with dishes such as golden dhal, devilled soya tossed in spices, green beans and potatoes cooked in a mouthwatering mixture as well as “polos badum” - fried jack fruit, “achcharu” - A traditional pickle made in the villages and papadam. The packets were then distributed to the homeless who received them with heartfelt gratitude!

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