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Love In Service For Those

Who Serve In Sri Lanka

The youth have settled into a familiar pattern of serving refreshments to the disposal truck workers. Visiting every other day, the workers greet them with a gleeful smile and always accept the offerings with overflowing gratitude with a prayer of blessings! Piping hot tea is served along with plates full of biscuits, cakes, brownies and sandwiches, to give their weary bodies a boost. An opportunity arose for the youth to treat and help refresh a group of labourers who had been working since morning. The cups of tea and coffee were received with much joy along with an assortment of sandwiches and biscuits!


Recently, the youth team has begun to provide the workers with a hearty lunch once a week; which they look forward to immensely. Meals range from home-made ‘rice  and curry’ (white rice along with several different traditional curries, pickles, salads and fried papadam) to special mouth-watering yellow rice (enriched with various herbs and spices along with golden dhal, devilled potatoes and soya, fresh salads, bottled pickles and papadam) to vegetable fried rice (with flavorful chop suey sizzling on top and batter fried spicy brinjal)! As most of these meals consist of items they do not usually enjoy, the workers’ were delighted to accept the food. Their humble gratitude touched the youth deeply!

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