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Serving Those Who Serve

During the rainy season in December, the youth were fortunate to be able to continue serving government workers. They often leave for work during the early hours of the day which results in their not being able to find any time to have some proper food. Therefore, every other day, the workers were provided with a warm meal along with freshly-made tea and coffee or a platter filled with refreshing snacks of sandwiches, biscuits and cakes. The trays were received with great enthusiasm and gratitude as the workers’ faces were lit up with heartwarming smiles. These small encounters serve as a reminder for the youth to always be grateful and not take for granted the blessings of a full stomach!


Through Heavy Rains and High Waters

As heavy rains raged across the country, many people were gravely affected due to floods; resulting in their not being able to leave their homes to earn a living. Seeing the distress the natural disasters caused, the youth in Batticaloa rushed to the aid of the people. Together, they prepared 20 bulk bags of dry rations to be distributed. Each bag contained 3kg of rice, 1kg each of dhal and wheat flour, 1kg of sugar along with processed soya, potatoes, onions, 200g tea powder, bathing soaps, washing soap and detergent powder pack, sanitary napkins, toothpaste, sweet pack with biscuits for children and so on. The youth waded through muddy waters to reach the homes and were welcomed with much enthusiasm and gratitude. The exchange between both parties was an overwhelming and heartwarming sight and the love that flowed was truly Divine!


An Unexpected Shower of God's Grace


The youth teamed up with an organisation called “Hands Together Sri Lanka” to take part in a project to better the lives of a desperate family. The house owner’s father has fallen ill and her mother suffers from cancer and has recently broken her hip, resulting in her being unable to walk. Due to the raging floods, the house had fallen into a state of collapse and required thorough repairing. The family also lacked the comfort of a toilet, which was needed desperately due to the ailing mother’s condition. The task to provide them with it was undertaken by the youth team eagerly.

After inquiring on their requirements and preferences, the youth immediately set out to provide a toilet and delivered it promptly, much to their delight. With Bhagawan’s Grace, the entire construction was completed within a few days. The family was very moved to see the fast work happening in their own home and were immensely grateful for the dedication with which the project was completed!

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