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Compassion Beyond Boundaries

August 2019 Seva in Sri Lanka

During the month of Lord Krishna’s birth, the youth found themselves blessed with an opportunity to feed several expecting cows. In the evening, the cows would often wait patiently near the area where the food was distributed, in hopes of another day filled with delicious treats. They were fed freshly picked fruits and other items of food as well as given a bucket of water to quench their thirst. To the delight of the youth, the bucket of water kept outside was also utilised by other animals.

As the youth got friendly and showered more and more love on the endearing cows, the cows refused to leave them. The gentle hearted animals would lower their heads to receive loving strokes of affection which warmed the hearts of the youth immensely!


The weather on the island was in a state of constant change. In the blink of an eye, towns that were sun kissed became a blur in the misty rain; yet the bustling activity never ceased. The government workers from the disposal truck would continuously carry out their duty amidst such unpredictable conditions, often on empty stomachs. The youth, who have constantly been touched and inspired by their dedication, prepared an array of food for their visits that took place every other day of the week, throughout the month.

Refreshments ranged from cool glasses of soda or fruit juice on sunny afternoons to steaming cups of well brewed tea or coffee that the workers, after accomplishing their tiring tasks, received warmly. The drinks were often coupled with an assortment of biscuits and homemade sandwiches. On some days, to satisfy the workers sweet tooth, the refreshments were served alongside several pieces of delicious chocolate cake, pudding, “kiri toffee” (milk toffee) or dodol – traditional sweets that have been enjoyed by many generations.

The youth humbly place this Seva at the Lotus Feet of Baba!

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