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Support of Oxygenated Beds

As the world continues to grapple with the ongoing pandemic, Sri Lanka is no exception. The sudden rise in daily cases has caused a heavy strain on the medical facilities available on the island. In these times of strife, the sevā of the Sri Lankan youth served as a beacon of hope to the patients at the Gampola Hospital in Kandy district of Sri Lanka who are currently battling the virus. A team of engineers had decided to build oxygenated beds for hospitals across the island and the Sai youth did their part by supporting the pilot project in Gampola through 10 beds.

Distribution of Snack Boxes to COVID-19 Patients

The IDH hospital in Angoda village in Sri Lanka is currently being utilised exclusively for the treatment of COVID patients. To lighten up the day of those who are bravely facing the illness, which is no easy feat, the youth distributed 225 boxes of short-eats such as sandwiches, patties and rolls with a packet of milk, to be enjoyed along with their afternoon tea. The patients of the hospital were immensely touched by this endearing gesture

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Refreshments for Disposal Truck Workers

The youth were able to continue serving refreshments and lunch to the disposal truck workers every other day throughout the month of June. On most days, the refreshments were accompanied by a lunch parcel of homemade rice and curry – a well-loved and traditional Sri Lankan meal. 

Refreshments served to the workers ranged from sweets, such as a variety of biscuits and wafers, to sandwiches stuffed with various fillings, fresh fruits etc. The workers expressed their gratitude for the continuation of this simple act of love, as they submitted that no one else had ever taken the time to do this for them.

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Dry Ration for Disposal Truck Workers

In light of the newly imposed travel restrictions due to the pandemic, the modes of income of many across the country continue to be shut off, resulting in countless families in dire need of assistance. They silently struggle whilst diligently doing their utmost to provide essential service to the society. The youth were able to lend a helping hand to a bunch of disposal truck workers. A special dry ration pack which consisted of essentials such as rice, noodles, lentils, onions, potatoes, soya, sugar, tea leaves, milk powder, salt, spices etc were distributed. The workers were moved by this gesture and accepted the tokens of love with much gratitude.

Dry Ration Donation (Disposal Truck) 03 01.jpg

Weekly Lunch Distribution

Inspired by the teachings of Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai, the Sai youth have taken up the initiative to prepare traditional home-cooked meals once a week and distribute them to the needy. These meals consist of steaming hot rice with curries such as devilled potato and soya curry, mallum (shredded vegetable Sri Lankan dish), golden lentil curry, carrot stir-fry etc. The youth distribute them to deserving individuals. The teary-eyed smiles that lite up the faces of those who received the parcels as they offered prayers of gratitude from the bottom of their heart, energised the youth to strive to continue serving their fellow men every single day.

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