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Serving the Servitors

The Sai youth form Sri Lanka continued serving the disposal truck workers who tirelessly carried on working despite various setbacks imposed by the country’s lockdown. The workers were incredibly grateful to receive the refreshments, as they said that due to health concerns and closed shops, they were unable to buy any food and often went to work on an empty stomach. Refreshments ranged from biscuits, cakes, sandwiches of various sorts, to fresh fruit and home-made pancakes.


Weekly Food Distribution

The weekly distributions of home-made lunch packets were carried out with much enthusiasm. The parcels consisted of traditional curries which were prepared with love and care. With hearts filled with gratitude to Swami, the Sai youth prepared the packets of steaming hot food and then distributed them to the destitute, who were elated to consume fresh home-made meals.

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Elders’ Home Medicine Pack Donation

The Sir James and Lady Peiris Cheshire Home situated in Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka houses 15 elders who are severely handicapped. The Sai youth extended their help by providing the much-needed package consisting of various medications for the elderly. Both the staff and elders were touched at the humble gesture, given the prevailing situation, securing such necessities has proven to be a herculean task.

Apekama’ – Distribution of 100 Dry Ration Packs

The Sai youth were delighted to help complete the ‘Apekama’—a special initiative by a youth organisation in Sri Lanka, with an aim of providing dry rations to 100 needy families within the month of August. After four weeks of hard work, 100 dry ration packs were provided to needy families of Pothupitiya Wadduwa locality. The recipients of these packs have been severely affected by the on-going global pandemic, as many have lost their means of income and are unable to support their families. It was truly a humbling and touching experience, and the Sai youth were grateful to have the opportunity to help them ease their burden in a small way possible.

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Donation of Oxygen Cylinders

The needs of the Colombo South Hospital, Kalubowila were provided by the Sai youth, as they equipped the Hospital with 18 medical oxygen steel cylinders (10 litres each) with gas, humidifier, mask and tubing along with six regulators.

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