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July 2017 Colombo

New Sight, A New Life for Weakened Eyes

The youth of Sri Lanka in association with the Eye Care Foundation have started a noble project of giving new life to the fading eyes of the neediest people, by providing lenses and other accessories.

 The Eye Care Foundation who have directed this project for several years was facing some difficulty in continuing this Seva due to lack of funds and other resources. It was at this time, that the Sai Youth of Colombo agreed to join hands with them for the continuation of this meritorious project.

A lot of dedication and commitment are needed to sustain a noble venture, which the youth already possessed in abundance, along with their willingness and selfless attitude towards the down-trodden of society. They felt not sympathy, but empathy towards the neediest people, who are unable to afford to pay for the required eye surgeries themselves.

The patients are selected by the Village Government Official after a thorough survey of their backgrounds in order to ensure that the lenses are given to the most suitable beneficiary. The list of requirements is then sent to the youth by the doctor of the Regional Hospital along with his recommendations.

To start off, the youth collectively raised funds to help eleven patients for the month of August. The lenses and other accessories were bought for six out of the eleven patients, who will be operated during the first week of August.

There is nothing that can block anyone if the intentions are set on a noble cause. It is really an applaudable effort from the youth, which will soon create waves of transformation across the region inspiring thousands.

“samastha lokaha sukhino bhanvanthu”

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