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Texas Service

Hurricane Harvey Service

It was a beautiful cool and sunny morning on Saturday, December 9, 2017 in Houston, Texas. But it wasn't enough to wipe away the memories of the trauma and suffering of the Houstonians from Hurricane Harvey. Local YAs and even YAs from Dallas had arrived. They made the trek the same morning from four hours away to be there on time. This Seva continues to be a hallmark of collaboration and cooperation between multiple organisations and individuals to bring this city back to Life. A true example of I to WE to HE. It still remains the most expensive disaster in US history and, to add to that, 90 percent of Houstonians do not have flood insurance. This particular day the Youth were collaborating with "Sewa" and "Nechama". The latter is a Jewish disaster relief organisation, however, only one in their group was Jewish in Faith showing their Unity in Diversity. Most of their volunteers were from out of state and were residing in a church for weeks at a stretch to devote their time and love.

This was the overwhelming sight of the love and support that continues to pour in even though the cameras have moved on. This particular day their focus was on the mucking and gutting of the flooded house of an elderly resident in Rosharan, Texas. 

Once the Seva commenced in full swing it did not matter who belonged to what organisation or what emblem or logo they were wearing. They were all United as One in this Labour of Love. Despite the months and months of labour, the smell of the black mould remained sickening to work through despite heavy duty masks.  The floors were unstable and at one point the entire house started to wobble. These are some of dangers that these beautiful souls work through tirelessly to get the job done. They were not professional contractors or construction workers. With Bhagawan’s grace nothing could stand in their way.

As the day came to a close, their limbs were heavier but their hearts were lighter. The volunteers from Dallas made the long drive back home the same day they arrived to regroup and recharge, for they knew very well that the work was far from over. As a FEMA agent had once mentioned, it will take years for Houston to recover.

Daunting as it may sound these soldiers of the Light continue to march on even though its one home, one family, at a time. They knew very well in their Heart of Hearts that you don't climb Mount Everest by looking at the top, but by looking how far you've come.

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