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Houston ‘Feed The Need’ Seva

On the auspicious occasion of the Makar Sankranti festival, the youth of Houston came together to begin their New Year with an offering of Seva to their beloved Bhagawan. Following the Divine Command given to the youth of USA at the World Youth Meet, 2018 in Muddenahalli, the youth were inspired to take on this Seva of feeding the needy with full force.


The group of six youth prepared 108 lunch bags which would be handed to the homeless people living in the downtown areas of Houston. The lunch bags consisted of mayo-pickle tofurkey (vegetarian tofu) sandwiches, crackers and juice.


The group chanted Aumkars and Gayatri Mantras, invoking Swami to bless the Seva and headed out into the city for distribution. The youth were surprised to find that a previously identified prime location where a lot of the homeless people would gather had been completely cleared and barricaded by the city officials.


Leaving everything to Bhagawan, the youth set out exploring the area to find out where these needy folks may have moved. Within a short while, the youth were able to find the new location. These deprived souls came running towards the car with excitement as they immediately understood what the youth had come for. As they received the lunch bags, they greeted the youth with loving smiles, moist eyes and a “thank you” or “God bless you” and relished the first meal of their day.

The youth were moved by the selfless love of many of these folks who despite being in such difficult situations themselves, did not forget to request additional lunch bags for their brothers who could not make it all the way to the car due to a disability.


As the Seva came to a close, the Sai youth were filled with immense gratitude for this wonderful opportunity to serve their fellow embodiments of love. Having received an ambitious goal from Bhagawan to expand their efforts to tackle the problem of hunger in their communities, the youth will continue to strive to contribute, in their own little way, to his grand Divine Mission!

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