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Feeding the Need in Houston, Texas

The Houston Youth Group has been blessed to have a consistent service opportunity to serve the Homeless on the streets of Houston. It has been going strong for a few years since its inception. 108 sandwiches, which included tofurky slices, pickles, cheese, mustard and mayo were prepared with Love and Joy. A snack and juice was also included. The youth always take delight in this wonderful opportunity to play their part in the universal story of His Glory. After preparing the sandwiches and packaging them, they sit in a circle and chant OMs and Gayatri Mantra with the intention of infusing that universal, unconditional Love into the meals! The hope is that the people being served will feel that Love flowing through every cell of their body and Heal their wounded hearts. Perhaps, even at some level, whether consciously or subconsciously, they can feel that there is a kind and benevolent force out there, that has not forsaken them!

The meals were loaded into the Love-mobile, as they playfully call it. They set out into the forgotten places of the city where the homeless people were huddled under overpasses, in tents or sleeping bags or nothing at all.


These people have started to recognise the van and started to crowd around as soon as the van was parked. All the meals were handed out and these beautiful souls were ever grateful, as were the Youth for being allowed this opportunity to redeem themselves and transform their own lives. May these small acts of compassion, here and elsewhere, continue to create ripples in these murky waters and spread the Love far and wide; so the whole world will know that the Age of Love his here to stay!

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