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Feed the Need Seva

Houston, Texas, USA.

Young Adults from Houston, once again gathered together on Sunday, July 21, 2019 to take part in the monthly Feed the Need Seva.  This month’s Seva, as always, consisted of preparing 108 brown paper lunch bags. Each bag contained one delicious sandwich, one pack of crackers and one juice box. The sandwich was made of thinly sliced tofurkey (soy based meat substitute), mustard, mayonnaise, sliced pickles between two healthy slices of whole grain wheat bread.


After packing the 108 brown paper lunch bags in the delivery bags, the youth chanted three Oms followed by Nine Gayatris and three Sai Gayatris to invoke Swami’s blessings. Soon enough, the youth loaded the lunch bags in the host’s van and headed out for delivery with the host’s children who are always eager to help! 


This time the youth drove straight to downtown Houston at a junction under the US 59 freeway where they, unfortunately, always witness the presence of several homeless people, some of whom do not even have proper footwear.


Most of them gathered around the vehicle as quickly as they could, but they were very much disciplined in lining up. Despite having no worldly possessions, no proper shelter and no wealth; their good natured behavior, smiling faces and gratefulness to the group was something that all can learn from. It was an enlightening experience that cannot be described in words!


The youth were able to hand out one lunch bag each (and sometimes two) to almost everyone present. They thank Bhagawan for giving them the opportunity to serve and hence getting them one step closer to the transformation He wants to see in all!

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