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Imparting HIS Boundless Love and Compassion

In Houston, Texas

On August 18, 2019, the Houston youth gathered for their monthly service activity as an offering of love to the Divinity within each and every person. This month’s service activity consisted of preparing and handing out 108 lunch bags to the needy, homeless people in various downtrodden areas of the city. Each bag consisted of Tofurkey sandwiches made with vegetarian tofu slices, mayonnaise, mustard and pickles, a snack and a water bottle. This month the youth felt blessed to have two new volunteers join their group for the first time!


Following the chanting of Aumkar’s and Gayatri’s invoking blessings for the service activity, the youth headed out to the streets and underpasses of downtown Houston for their distribution. They felt blessed that they found a large number of those in need of food and water. As always, they were greeted with loving smiles and gratitude as they handed out the lunch bags.


The youth had made it a point to not only hand out the lunch bags, but also to make eye contact and exchange even just a few words such as “God bless you.” Through this interaction, the youth felt that the Lord was utilising them as instruments to impart His boundless love to these souls who probably felt very deprived of love and compassion.


After concluding another wonderful service activity, the youth discussed that they have continuously learned something new in their effort to help with the problem of homelessness in their own city, which would otherwise be completely unknown to them. They felt immensely grateful to their Master for allowing them to contribute in their own small way to His Divine mission and for being given the opportunity to become more selfless!

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