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Feed the Need Seva in Houston

For their monthly offering of Seva to their beloved Bhagawan, the young adults in Houston gathered once again on the fourth Sunday of the month. The Seva consisted of preparation and distribution of meals to their fellow brothers and sisters in need, living in downtrodden areas of the city. The group of seven youth prepared 108 lunch bags – each consisting of mayo-pickle-tofurkey (vegetarian tofu) sandwiches and crackers.


The group chanted nine Aumkars invoking Bhagawan to bless the Seva and headed out to downtown Houston to distribute the sandwiches. As they handed out the packages, they were met with wonderful smiles brimming with gratitude and love from the deprived souls. There were many who responded with warm hugs and blessings as they relished their first meal of the day.


From previous conversations with the needy folks, the youth had learned that drinking water is a big necessity, given the hot Houston summer and hence it was added to this month’s inventory. The water cups proved to be a huge hit, with people jumping with excitement and happiness on receiving them and many of them coming back for seconds. The youth were very disheartened to find that some of the people living in these areas were U.S. military veterans who, having previously served their country, were dealt with the fate of living in these difficult situations. However, they also served as an inspiration for the youth; even as they go through such hardships they were still able to maintain a smile on their faces as they welcomed the youth with much warmth and love. Some of the other folks took time to speak with the youth to express their appreciation by telling them that even though it is a single meal for them, it makes a huge difference in their lives and they are immensely grateful for it.


After completing the Seva, the youth felt thankful to Bhagawan for giving them the opportunity to see HIM in everyone and thereby bringing about their personal transformation through giving and receiving so much more in return!

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