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Feed the Need Seva in Houston, Texas

Amidst the auspicious occasion of Global Akhanda Bhajans, Young Adults from Houston gathered together on Sunday November 10, 2019 to take part in their monthly Feed the Need Seva.  This month’s Seva, as always, consisted of preparing 108 brown paper lunch bags. Each bag contained one delicious sandwich, one pack of crackers and one juice box. The sandwich is made of thinly sliced tofurkey (soy based meat substitute), mustard, mayonnaise, sliced pickles in between two healthy slices of whole grain wheat bread. 


Most of the Young Adults were unable to attend the Seva due to other commitments but the Seva still went ahead. The host’s friends and neighbors who are not devotees of Bhagawan, decided to join in and help in this wonderful cause! 


After packing the 108 brown paper lunch bags in delivery bags, the group chanted three Oms followed by nine Gayatris and three Sai Gayatris to invoke Bhagawan’s blessings. Soon enough, the bags were loaded in the host’s van and they headed out for delivery with the host’s kids who are always eager to help. They drove straight to downtown Houston at a junction under the US 59 Freeway where the recipients are now very familiar with the youth group and recognise the mini van from far. They have utmost respect and always smile and line up very quickly in an orderly manner. 


A beautiful incident took place this time. After distributing the bags, when the group sat in their van and were ready to leave, one of the recipients stood in front of the mini van, kissed the hood and then wrote/drew “I love you” and a heart shape on the front window with his finger which was very touching and emotional to see. Something as simple and small as a sandwich bag means a lot to some other folks. It reminds us that we should not take anything for granted and should be grateful to Bhagawan that He has provided us with abundance. We should always strive to share this abundance with the less fortunate. 

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