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Feed the Need Seva in Houston, Texas

On December 1, 2019, the Houston youth assembled for their monthly service activity - Feed the Need - with the mind-set of becoming less selfish and more selfless, as that is the way to the Divine. This month they prepared with love 108 lunch bags to hand out to the needy in various parts of the city.  The lunch bags contained Tofurkey sandwiches made of vegetarian tofu slices, mustard and mayonnaise, pickles, a snack, and a water bottle. As always, the youth enjoyed this part of the service activity where they come together and join hands in unity to do something good for others.




After preparing the sandwiches and lunch bags, the youth chanted Om and Gayatri Mantra to invoke Divine vibrations into the items they were about to deliver to the needy. The youth strongly believe that all that one does should be done with the right intention - the intention of offering it to the Divine with no attachments to the outcome. The activity then becomes sanctified and benefits all involved. 


Following these prayers, they left the host’s home in a van to look for areas where the needy were gathered on this cold winter day.  As soon as the van pulled into the underpass, the people quickly assembled and formed a line at the trunk of the van, for they are used to seeing the youth and look forward to relief from their dire hunger for a decent meal. 




The youth always make it a point to say a few words and to make eye contact with each person as they receive in hand their lunch bag.  After all, a smile or a simple “Hello, how are you, may God bless you” can mean the world to someone who does not hear that much at all.  Each of those served seemed happy to know that there is someone out there who cares for them. And that, without a doubt, brought a smile to the youths’ faces too!


On cold days such as that, one’s hunger is even more painful, so the youth really empathised with the needy this month. With individual silent prayers, they concluded their service activity and felt gratitude for being able to have this blessed opportunity. 

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