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Feed the Need Seva in Houston, Texas

On a beautiful Saturday morning in Houston, Texas, the youth were in full strength with a total of nine volunteers for the monthly Feed the Need service. At least 108 sandwiches were made and packed with a juice and a snack. Even little children of some of the youth have started to participate. The sandwiches are made with Tofurkey, pickles, cheese, mayonnaise and mustard. Once the sandwiches are packed in sandwich bags, they are all placed together in the centre of the room and the youth chant in unison Nine OMs and the Gayathri Mantra followed by Samastha Loka Prayers to charge the food with Divine Love so that it turns into Prasadam. This in turn transforms the hearts of the beautiful souls who were going to receive them. The intent was to not just feed the bodies but to nourish their weary souls as well.  But of course, the youth knew very well that the ones truly being transformed in the process were they themselves!


Recently, additional youth from outside of the traditional Sai fold joined in and it has been an overwhelming response to the persistence and perseverance of this ongoing, silent but impactful Seva for the last four years. The sandwiches are delivered to the homeless on the streets of downtown Houston where many have camped out below the underpasses. They now recognise the white minivan or Love-mobile as the youth call it now, and shortly after arrival they line up in single file and allow the youth to serve them with joy, love and appreciation flowing in both directions!


Quite swiftly and seamlessly all the bags were handed out and it always seemed to be just the right amount each time! It has certainly become a very blessed experience that the youth now look forward to, on a regular basis. The hope will always remain that these service activities will create a ripple effect that is not just felt under those underpasses but across the world as well to assist the rising tide in mankind's grand awakening to Unity Consciousness.

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