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Personal Transformation Experience

Transformation, the True Mark of Happiness

With my deepest gratitude and love towards Swami, I thank him for giving me this opportunity to share my transformation which took place years back and Swami had been part of it. Transformation within us has always been Swami's mission.

It all started in the year 2011, when Swami was very ill in the hospital. All of his dear devotees were very sad. We all wanted Swami to recover as fast as possible so that we are able to have his divine Darshan. Most of the Sai centres were offering their prayer and did some chanting for the speedy recovery of Swami. The same went with the centre that I've been going since the age of five, Sai Ananda, Malaysia. We chanted and had Bhajans day and night! That much of unconditional love we all have towards our Bhagawan, with strong faith that Swami would recover.


On one such day, once I got home, I rushed straight into the altar room and started crying because I couldn't take it that Swami was ill and suffering. In me, there was a strong voice saying that I should give up something for Swami. As I was praying hard, suddenly without a heavy heart I decided to give up eating non-vegetarian food. This was the best I could sacrifice for My Sai at that time. After I told my parents about the decision I made, they were happy about it, but they told me that “it's not as easy as you think to become a vegetarian, It will surely take some time.” But with full confidence, I decided and became a vegetarian.


From then on, I did not have a single craving for meat and that also made me realise that being vegetarian is the key towards happiness! It was Swami who had transformed me and everything had good reasons behind it. All I could say is "God Is A Hero And Without Him We Are All Zero". Even thousands of words wouldn't be enough to describe our Lord's tremendous love towards all his children.


I will also take this opportunity to share one of my experiences, which will always remain as the most precious and memorable one to me.


At the age of seven years old, I was highly suspected of having dengue fever. I was down with high fever for more than a week. My parents had to rush me to the hospital frequently and they also had to spend a lot of money too, as I also had to have a blood test frequently to reconfirm the dengue fever. I felt really weak and sick. My mother kept on praying to Swami to cure me as fast as possible. She believed and had extreme faith on Swami. Every day without fail, she gave me a cup of Vibuthi water and always kept a small photo of Swami under my pillow.


Then the day came when I was supposed to be admitted in the hospital. But the night before, I had a dream about Swami. In that dream, I saw Swami. He came close to me and materialized some Vibuthi and told me to eat it. I could feel Swami's gentle palm rubbing the Vibuthi that he materialized on my forehead. I could feel his presence right in front of me. I quickly woke up and I started sweating and crying and all of a sudden I was pointing towards the wall.


I quickly woke my mother up and she saw a shadow of Swami and it slowly disappeared. As the sun came up the next morning, I woke up to feel so much better and fresh. And, I had no fever at all. So, I knew that Swami was the one and only one who had cured and saved me from the dengue fever. I felt really blessed and grateful for that. Swami is the almighty Lord and He is beyond words.


Since that day, I realized that Swami is and will always be beside me, guiding me no matter what the circumstances. His always there to protect us too. Swami is always beside each one of us, either in bad or good situations. Most importantly, keeping him dear to us matters more. His blessings will always be with us. Thank you so much Swami for always being there for me when I need you. Your actions are all indescribable and you really mean a lot to all of us, Swami. Love you from the bottom of my heart.


Karisma Abimanan

Region 1



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