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Personal Transformation Experience

Selfless Love And Selfless Service

I offer my deepest and most reverential gratitude at the Lotus Feet of my Master for allowing me the opportunity to transform and to share this will all of you.


Having been born in to a Sai family, Swami was a personality I was ‘forced’ to worship. However, I really enjoyed Bhajans – singing and playing tabla/dholak. Growing up in Australia, in the western society, worship of a ‘human’ was deemed as absurd. So naturally in my teenage years, I had totally forsaken Swami. I was still going to the centre, singing Bhajans and playing instruments, but not out of love or devotion. 


​When I totally flunked my final exams at school and failed to get in to any university course, I was at a crossroads. Coming from a family of 99% graduates, I was the only one out of my 15 cousins or so who did not further their education. I had no purpose or direction. Although now I know that Swami was always with me, it was at this point that Swami made His ‘resurrection’ into my life. He picked me up, and gave me hope in only the way He can do. But there was still no transformation. I was singing Bhajans and being very active in the youth group, but on the other side, I was still partying and doing all the things I was not supposed to do. 


I came to Swami in this continuing phase of His mission, through my spiritual mentor and music guru, Brother Sumeet Tappoo. I had doubts, but in Swami’s infinite mercy and compassion, He laid all that to rest in my first interaction with Him. In an interview in Bali during the Inaugural Asia Pacific Youth Meet, I submitted to Swami about my struggles in letting my vices go, and miraculously, I walked out with no more urge for any of them. Swami’s grace really has no judgements and no bounds. 

Since July 2016, Swami’s grace has allowed me to travel and be with Him in many countries around the world! I believe He allowed to be with him in all these places for one reason alone. To teach me SELFLESS LOVE And SELFLESS SERVICE. I saw with my own eyes how much work is going on in all these countries. The number of lives that they are touching was just incredible. I was so moved, it really struck a chord in my heart. Ever since, I have been actively working here in Perth with troubled children as instructed by Swami. The biggest realisation for me is that we are not helping them, they are helping us immensely, to realise that He is in everyone, that He permeates the entire universe, that we are all Divine. 


Dear youth, don’t waste this opportunity! Swami’s grace is so immense that He continues to be here with us. How many people in this world are out there in search of God, and here HE is, in our midst, guiding us every so lovingly even though He is not seen! Internalise this just for one moment. Realise how fortunate we all are, that He is giving us the chance to make things right -- He is giving us the chance to transform! Make yourselves available to Him. That’s all He needs from you. Make yourselves hollow like the flute, so that our Sai Krishna can play His perfect melody through us. Take it from me – surrender to Him, do His work and He will take care of EVERYTHING for you. Love All, Serve All. Help Ever, Hurt Never. 

Pravesh purusothaman

Perth, Australia


Region 1

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