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Personal Transformation Experience

Service to Others

Service to others had never been a primary goal in my life before. Most of the time I would only focus on my studies, hanging out with my friends, and enjoy the care-free world that I have lived.

Throughout my junior and high school life I had never done meaningful Seva, in fact I had never heard of the word ‘Seva’ before. There were Seva activities in my home town, Denpasar Bali province, but I never really engaged in them actively.

It was in my collage years when I started to deviate to a better path. At that time, I was finishing my medical degree. Problems started to arise at home, at the time my family had a storm of problems crashing. The problems came out of nowhere, they were disastrous and massive enough to take my family down. For several months we were on our lowest point of life, the problems just never stopped coming and no solution had risen from anywhere.

One day, out of nowhere my mother asked me to take her to a particular Ashram. She had heard from a friend that this place could give hope for people who were at the lowest part of their life. I had always been a sceptical person. I’d never heard of an Ashram before and I was reluctant to go. But being an obedient son, I took her anyway.

The Ashram was called Sai Pooja Ashram, but now it had been renamed Pooja Sai Ashram. My mother and myself started to attend the Bhajans there regularly and we also started to join the Seva activities. I was given the opportunity to teach English lessons for children in the Ashram.  As I started teaching I felt a sense of attraction towards it. I would feel very excited every Sunday when I would teach the children. I would feel no worries and my family problems would feel as if they were gone. As I engaged more and more time in the Ashram, I was given more and more opportunities to conduct Seva. I had the chance to provide food for labour workers, help construct small houses, blood donations, teaching, and medical care.  And in every form of Seva I felt the same pattern all over again. I would feel blissful every time I did Seva and had no worries about my problems.

At this time I have finished my medical degree and started working. My family problems have faded as if they are slowly walking away from my life. As I do Seva I feel that my problems are being taken care of. During my Seva activities I met numerous beautiful souls who were tremendously dedicated to Seva. They have become my family and have given me more and more opportunity for Seva. I believe that when you start engaging in Seva activities your problems, worries, fear, and doubt had already been taken care of.

Bhaskara Wijaksana

Region 1, Indonesia

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