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Personal Transformation Experience

Swami Planted the Seed

of Wanting to Help

God came into my Life as Sathya Sai Baba when I was a teenager. He quickly opened my eyes to people who craved love and care through the Seva activities in our centre. Through these activities, Swami planted the seed of wanting to help in the early years, which led me to pursue a career in healthcare. I realised that I feel most comfortable in myself when I am able to help someone else.

I am very grateful to Swami for allowing me to be part of His Divine Mother and Child Program. Here in Melbourne, Australia, a medical team, which are part of the Health in Kind Foundation have been fortunate to develop a working relationship with a non-profit organization called Vicseg. Vicseg works with new refugees to the country. They provide support and assistance in accessing government services and to settle them into Australia. They have recognized, due to language and cultural differences, that young families are missing out on seeking suitable medical and dental attention, thus affecting their well-being.


Through their regular “mums and bubs” sessions, our team have started seeing the Karin Community from Burma on a monthly basis and have carried out medical and dental screenings for mothers, children, fathers and little babies! We have just started running a series of healthy food, healthy living presentations (with the help of an interpreter) to help impart health education to further empower these young mums.


I have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the mothers and the beautiful young children that have come our way.  Their quiet humility and gratitude that they carry, despite all the hardships they have faced after being displaced from their country, is a valuable lesson for me. We saw this especially when we gave the families care packs, Christmas presents for the children, and Mother’s Day gifts. It is extremely rewarding to have the opportunity to be a regular care provider and to build that relationship with the mothers and children there.  Swami’s love can really be felt very strongly amongst the volunteers and seems to go full circle when we interact with the mothers and children in our sessions.


My deepest gratitude to our Beloved Swami, may we continue to work with Him as fast as He wants us to on His mission! Sai Ram!

Alpa Lodhia

Region 1

Melbourne, Australia

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