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Personal Transformation Experience

Lessons in Time Management

I have not been good at managing time. But God knows how to change us! In my case, Swami gave me an opportunity to teach at our Ashram’s Bal Vikas class and the outdoor activities programme. I realized that teaching these children would be a difficult task. We must first change ourselves before we teach them.

I do not know why, but in August, I decided to share about discipline with them. Discipline of time, I think, is the best topic for these children. I discussed with them how time is very important and how time quickly passes. I emphasized how we must spend our limited time with beneficial activities.

For one month, I warned the children not to come late to the Sunday class. It was also a challenge for me since I had to be there earlier than them.  It is not easy to make them change in a second, but with all good intentions, I believe this discipline will be the best for them. In the first week I was worried that the children will not understand the importance of time, but with Swami’s Grace, every week the children started coming on time to the Sunday class! I also changed in the process, since then I have been able to appreciate and manage my time more properly!

Finally, as I saw the children not only applying the time discipline during Sunday class but also when they came for Bhajans, it made me proud of all the children. With their passion, they can learn to discipline time. It also happened to me, sometimes I cannot manage my time, but at this time with Swami’s Grace, I have come on time and even sometimes come earlier to make sure that the children are not coming late. So the transformation not only changes ourselves but anyone who wants to change to be a better person!


Ayu Padma

Region 1


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